“David proves to be an asset to whichever project or team on which he has worked. I have always been impressed with his dedication to any endeavor with which he has been involved. He displays great enthusiasm and initiative; he has excellent communication skills and has a very friendly and outgoing personality.”

A. Cross
Executive Director

“David is a natural educator. He is a great listener and has the ability to share his knowledge enthusiastically, successfully engaging people of all ages with diverse learning styles and backgrounds.”

D. Dunn
Design & Educational Consultant

“David has always turned out to be one of the smartest members on the team, and whenever presented with tricky or intricate problems, he quickly came up with great and practical ideas on how to solve.them. He approaches issues with a sense of challenge and humor, and he inspires people around him to do their best work. He is honest, principled and a hard worker. He’s also very resourceful, funny, generous and an all-around great guy.”

T. Kaiser
Senior Director, Broadband Video

“David is very knowledgeable and understanding of my skills and their potential. He is a understanding teacher and I look forward to our lessons. He is patient and informative. He taught me the fundamental things I need to know before working further into this field.”

S. Dissin
Graphic Designer

“He is very proficient in the application, and a good teacher. I learned about his Photoshop workflow. He was able to build trust with his knowledge and his admission that he uses the application almost daily in his work. He is more than proficient with the application. He didn’t need a computer to teach! His ability to teach sets him apart from most of the tutors, and he is also ethical.”

C. Liggett

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